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The Electricity Engineers' Association (EEA) is known for its firmly established aims of providing the New Zealand electricity supply industry with expertise, advice and information on technical, engineering and safety issues affecting the industry. For EEA to uphold its reputation and unique membership structure, the association needed a centralised and trusted online solution.

How are they using MoST?

EEA has embraced every aspect of the MoST Infrastructure Platform. For instance they store and manage their membership database and comprehensive website within MoST - which supports the organisation’s membership of over 50 corporate member organisations and over 400 individual professional members.

MoST enables EEA to maintain control of online membership subscriptions and renewals, with the utilisation of features like online payments, automatically generated and distributed invoicing, and an interface with Xero, the accounting software package used by EEA.

The events component is used by EEA to manage regional and national events; features used include registrations, payments, reporting and the distribution of automatic reminders to attendees.

The association effectively communicates with members through both a secure members’ only area of the website, as well as through distributing mass e-Newsletters and notifications to their segmented database via MoST.

In addition, EEA utilises the e-Commerce component to sell an extensive range of publications, including health & safety guides and handbooks, with special member pricing rates applied when necessary. Site visitors can add to and view their shopping cart as they browse the EEA product range.

EEA’s need for continuous and consistent information flow is aided by the MoST Content Management System. For example, when EEA employees create new web pages via the easy-to-use WYSIWYG Editor the relevant pages are setup to automatically populate homepage news feeds.

The Platform that Keeps Growing

Over time bespoke features have been developed and integrated into MoST to support EEA’s new needs as they arise. Bespoke features that have been built include a custom publication purchasing process, to alleviate the issue of the member pricing rate being abused by some members. Now members can only use their discount once per product.

MoST Components used:

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