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Cheap website hosting - is it worth the risk?

25 June 2024

Once we dig a bit deeper into cheap website hosting it turns out that the cheap deals provide exactly what you pay for. Very little. 


Refreshing Your Website – saving time and money

3 June 2024

One of the things recessions and spiraling inflation can generate for many businesses is the urgent need to attract new customers, and one of the easiest ways to do this is to upgrade their current websites. It’s often a wake-up call for organisations who are noticing less orders coming in and under-utilized staff with time on their hands, not to mention the flow-on effect of reduced cash-flow and the resulting drop in profit. 


Getting the MOST out of MoST

1 May 2024

One of the best things about being proficient in updating and editing your website is being able to do it yourself when you want the changes made, and not having to wait until a third party is available to do it for you.  Being able to make your own tweaks and seeing the effect immediately is another great advantage. 


7 reasons to use an email marketing tool to distribute your e-newsletters

10 February 2024

It’s clear that having a regular e-Newsletter, or e-zine, in circulation has proven to be a leading way to communicate with clients, members and stakeholders alike.

With MoST’s email marketing tool you can easily develop awareness of relevant topics or issues that could affect your readers. Here’s why… 


The benefits of event management software

1 December 2023

Once the emails start rolling in, the pressure is on. You’ve made folders to add all the RSVPs into – one for those coming, one for those not coming, one for dietary requirements, one for speakers, one for each workshop they’re attending… but wait, this person is in two workshops and has dietary requirements…


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