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Roofing Supplies Online is a nationwide online provider of quality corrugated roofing and roofing accessories. Due to the company’s requirement to cater for a range of sizing and colour needs to an online market, it was essential that their online solution would cater to their unique online ordering requirements and leverage their search engine optimisation at the same time.

How are they using their MoST?

Roofing Supplies website was designed and built into MoST’s easy-to-use CMS, allowing the company to add unique content and meta-data in-house as a means of optimising their visibility across search engine results.

Due to MoST’s extensible functionality, a bespoke ordering application was developed and integrated into the software. The application allows Roofing Supplies’ customers to make specific orders right down to the exact size, material and colour type. The application can even automatically calculate the number of screws the buyer will need.

The Roofing Supplies Online site also utilises e-commerce functionality such as DPS payment gateway integration and customisable shipping preferences. Customers’ contact details are stored in a secure database, so that Roofing Supplies team can keep in touch during and after the sales process. 

MoST Components used:

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