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As New Zealand's only association for professional Massage Therapists, MNZ needed one website and online system that would effectively showcase their authenticity & professionalism, while also maximising their ability to communicating with and engaging members, potential members and other stakeholders.

How are they using their MoST?

MNZ now have a comprehensive members & contacts database stored in MoST, accommodating for their 5 levels of membership. Because the database and website CMS reside on one integrated platform it has made the online application, automated renewal and invoicing processes senselessly simple.

MoST Infrastructure Platform has enabled the MNZ community to assertively endorse ethical standards with features like CPD reporting and its database-driven 'Find a Massage Therapist' directory search facility.

MNZ are using MoST's event management component to organise regional & national group meetings and courses, attaching CPD points, charges and automated event reminders to relevant events.

The MNZ website was custom designed and built into MoST in a way that ensures that every single site visitor can navigate to the area of the site most relevant to them. For instance, the public aimed area of the website has a different design template compared to the members' only area of the site.

MoST's e-commerce component has been implemented to cater for MNZ's members can buy and sell equipment and supplies to each other via the members only area of the site. The marketplace was further developed as a custom application to allow business owners to purchase advertising space in MNZ marketing material (website, e-Newsletters etc.) - for those wanting to advertise jobs, courses or equipment to experienced Massage Therapists.

MoST Components used:

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