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While centered around website CMS, MoST accommodates all scenarios. Decide which MoST components and features are right for your online and professional software needs


Content Management made easy

Develop your dynamic and engaging website in a fraction of the time using MoST’s CMS – the preferred content management choice for responsive, search engine optimised and long-lasting websites.

MoST CMS is available to you on its own, or in conjunction with any other MoST component.

Add, edit and upload to every webpage with ease

Build your resource-rich website by adding, managing and setting automated page publishing times in MoST CMS’s user friendly interface.

The WYSIWYG editor gives every user the freedom to upload dynamic content including text, images, galleries, multimedia, links, feeds, email forms and downloadable files. You can also access your site’s HTML and style guide - ideal for all you budding designers and developers!

Maintain design and style consistency

MoST CMS gives you the flexibility to store as many or as little design templates as you like, making it easy to define special areas of you site.

Your custom style guides and templates are added during setup to ensure that website design remains consistent as new content is added.

Improve UX and overall site usability

With automatically updating sitemap capabilities, site search functionality and mediated page commenting features.

Administration with a smile

You decide who can access and edit what, with MoST’s permissions and accessibility settings.

MoST’s back-end user log also allows you to keep a clear record of any changes made to your site.

Multi-lingual and Multi-site settings

Store more than one website under a single MoST account. Each site can hold a completely different domain name, design and content.

The CMS also supports multi-lingual websites with its automatic language presentation, based off of user browser settings.

Develop SEO and social media engagement

Easily add meta descriptions, meta tags, alt text and dynamic URL names in order to develop your site’s Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

You can grow engagement across your marketing channels using social media share, RSS feeds and social media feed integration.


 Streamline your Membership and CRM processes today!

Grow your engagement with members, customer and staff networks using smart CRM and database management tools. This software is great for NFP and Membership Associations.

MoST CRM & Membership Management can integrate with MoST CMS, Events, Email Marketing and E-Commerce components.

Store, segment and track your database in one central location

Import, store and sort your comprehensive data in MoST’s centralised & cloud-based CRM database. Create segmented groups and specific user identifications in order to refine and separate your target audiences.

You determine the details you collect by creating unique data fields with MoST’s unlimited customisable database fields.

Track professional development with CPD

Intuitively manage the professional career development of members, stakeholders or employees. You can assign and track CPD points for virtual and real-life training events via MoST.

The CPD reporting feature effectively encourages users to interactively monitor their points & attend regular training session in order to keep their CPD levels up.

Promote database via your MoST website

Add searchable directories to your website. These directories are automatically generated lists based off of your database, which feed through to your website and can be filtered based on your preferences e.g. location, service type, keyword etc.

Secure password protected areas

Establish secure password protected areas of your MoST site. Here you have the ability to store privy information such as updateable member profiles, invoices, discussion forums and a different design look and feel to the rest of your site.

You can assign different levels of access to password holders, limiting access to irrelevant or private web pages.

Support membership processes

Specify your membership structure with unique codes, permission levels, fee differences and annual rates. MoST supports tiered membership structures.

Add custom online subscription and renewal forms to your website, and proactively distribute subscription and automatic renewal reminders to your database.

Simplified communication

Create, distribute and store mass email notifications, E-Newsletters and text messages to your MoST.

You can also save notes against database profiles and set personal reminders for future contact.

Online payment and automated invoicing

Automatically generate and distribute your invoices for all member transactions, and seamlessly consolidate generated invoices with your accounting software. MoST currently interfaces with Xero and MYOB.

Use real-time payment gateways to collect fees and donations via your website.

Donation facility

The online donation facility is particularly useful for NFP and Charity Organisations. You can accept donations and communicate with contributors with ease and efficiency.

The CRM & Membership Management package comes complete with MoST CMS component.


 Stress-free cloud based Event Management

You can confidently manage events of all shapes and sizes - from local seminars to national conferences.

MoST Event Management can seamlessly integrate with MoST CRM & Membership, CMS, Email Marketing and E-Commerce components.

Event registration and management online

Create and manage all of your events and collect relevant information about your attendees, defining different levels of rates and charges when applicable.

Set automated email & SMS confirmations and reminder notifications for simplified communication with registrants.

Resource management

Allocate seating/table arrangements, name badges and ticketing with a user-friendly interface.

Set minimum and maximum attendee numbers to ensure you’re not under-prepared for your next event. Export attendee registration list to support your ordering processes before, during and after the event.

API and payment gateways

MoST integrates with real-time payment gateways such as, DPS, PayPal and Charge IT, as well as invoicing systems such as Xero and MYOB.

MoST has the ability to integrate with other APIs and gateways too.

Promote and market upcoming events

Record and store attendance history against attendee profiles and notify them about related events in the future using MoST’s mass email distribution tool.

Integrates with CRM and Membership

You can pair your event management with MoST’s CRM & Membership Management component to strengthen your tracking, automated invoicing practices and to set special member rates.


Analyse event data and gain insights in order to optimise future events.

Integrated site calendar

Enter event details in the admin area of your site to feed through to your site’s iCal friendly calendar.

The Events Management package comes complete with MoST CMS component.


 Secure E-Commerce solutions

Your E-Commerce website will be responsive, automated and secure.

You can pair your E-Commerce website with other MoST components and approved APIs.

Flexible SQL product database and stock level management

Seamlessly upload singular and bulk products to your website and manage your stock levels with automated email reports and reminders.

Offer refunds, notify when products are out of stock, generate sales reports and apply QR codes to verify product authenticity.

Shopping cart facility

Website visitors can add multiple items to their shopping cart before checking out and completing their purchase. Shopping cart contents will store in cart for next time the potential customer visits your site too.

Customer database

Store client data, distribute emails to your client database and create a login interface that lets customers access their transaction history.

Customisable shipping and international price settings

Advanced freight settings let you set postage pricing and auto-calculations for international shipping.

Secure payments and API integration

Real-time payment gateways seamlessly integrate into MoST. Payment gateways include DPS Payment Express, Charge IT and PayPal.

Automatically generate, store and distribute invoices for all transactions, and seamlessly sync with your account software. Currently syncs with Xero and MYOB.

Smart costing and discount settings

Define product prices based on your preferences and apply discounts, GST and tax rates, member prices or wholesale prices to relevant products.

MoST’s automated discount features also let you set auto-dates for when discount periods begin and end.

Comes complete with CMS

Not only can you upload and manage inventory images and order forms in MoST, you can also easily manage your entire E-Commerce website.


 Email Marketing features

Engage, grow and convert your networks into sales with MoST Email Marketing.

MoST Email Marketing component comes free when you sign up to MoST CRM & Membership Management.

Automated and segmented distribution

Create and distribute E-Newsletters and mass email notifications to your database, archiving them once they’ve sent.

Manage templates

Your E-Newsletter can hold a look and feel that echoes your website, or its own unique design template. There is no limit to the number of email templates you can have stored in MoST.

Subscription management

Your audience can subscribe or unsubscribe to your database with one simple click.

Customisable content

Manage email content adding new content including text, images, multimedia, links, and downloadable files using MoST’s WYSIWYG Editor. You can also access email HTML.

Tracking and statistics

Understand audience engagement by generating and exporting dynamic Reports. MoST reporting provides you with insights into how many people have received, opened, read and clicked on particular links.


 Extensible functionality 

One of the greatest aspects of MoST is that it’s totally extensible, meaning that you can have custom applications built and added to your system at any time. You can speak face-to-face with the creators of MoST to develop the perfect solution for you.

Expanding on MoST’s capability is done so effectively due to supported environment it’s hosted in. This includes robust disaster recovery and secure server space for all of your data.

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